Please pardon one more tip of the cap

Main Yankee Stadium '65 500px 72ppi.jpg

I’m going to be throwing a lot of stuff up against the wall here to see what sticks in the next few days, as I introduce this blog and hope for some reaction. And it occurred to me as I was driving to work today that the “more than a decade” taking baseball photos in my bio suddenly doesn’t seem like much time. So I went back and looked for one of my first baseball photos for some perspective, and here it is.
This is from a color transparency I shot with my dad’s camera at a game he took me to at Yankee Stadium (the real one) in 1965.
I’ve tipped my cap once in this blog already, to the baseball photographers who came before me. Let me take a minute to now tip my cap to my dad, who never sat me down and said, “Here’s how to take pictures,” but nevertheless taught me all the key things I needed to know.

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