Braves’ Heyward in the minors’ Top 10

Heyward, Jason 2454 500px.jpgJason Heyward’s stock is rising fast. He’s among the Braves top prospects, and he’s in the Minor League Baseball Top 10, also.

He’s definitely in my own personal Top 10 players I like to photograph. He’s always smiling and genuinely seems to always be having fun playing baseball. His love of the game always rubs off on me and I have a better day at the park.

Here’s a photo of him during batting practice May 9, 2008, in Greenville, S.C. when he was with the Rome Braves.


My first time here – this blog is need. I like the idea – it is really different from the others!


Thanks, Julia! I appreciate your comments. I hope to keep it going as I go out and shoot games in 2009. It’s a challenge.


Great shot. I’m hoping Heyward turns into the player everyone says he can be. I really like this kid already.

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