Finding gems in the Beckett rookie issue

Moviel, Scott 6512 500px.jpg

Every year about this time while I’m getting antsy waiting for baseball to begin I look forward to the rookie-card issue of “Beckett Baseball.”
I picked up my copy on Thursday and started looking through the listings, examining the itty-bitty card pictures to see if I could find my photos. Yeah, that’s a little bit self-centered, but that’s the way it goes. The off-season makes me a little nutty.
Every card that’s been issued for each rookie and prospect is listed in the magazine, and one sample card is pictured in an image about half the size of a dime. It takes a while to go through the pages, but I usually recognize my photos pretty easily. I found three of my photos right off the bat, but some of the common poses are hard to distinguish from one another. So I admit Ihad to look up my photos of Jon-Mark Owings to determine that the little image from the Donruss Elite Extra Edition No. 54 was indeed my photo.
scott moviel card.jpg
I’m also guilty of occasionally talking out loud while I’m browsing. Such as: “Dang, I had a much better photo of Justin Smoak than that one.” But overall I’m not complaining.
The issue is also an additional incentive to get out and shoot more this year. This is one market that still looks good.
(The photo here is of Scott Moviel, which is on the 2008 Donruss Threads No. 133.)

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