The Royals found a gem, and so did I

Barrera, Henry 9343 500px.jpg

Pitcher Henry Barrera of the Royals organization is called “a hidden gem” in a new story from MLB.
The 23-year old turned out to be a sort of hidden gem for me, too. I was a little surprised to learn that MLB used one of my photos of Barrera with the story about his being added to the Royals’ 40-man roster. I usually remember images I shot, but names? Not always. Didn’t ring a bell.
Turns out Barrera was one of those grab images that I sandwiched in on a trip to shoot the Myrtle Beach Pelicans last July 7. That was a rainy evening and I wound up waiting out a rainstorm in the home dugout with photographer Randall Hill of the Myrtle Beach Sun News.
Before it started pouring I managed to get a couple shots of Barrera as he warmed up for the game (including this one). I also shot him pitching in relief late in the game, but as is typical of the late-innings at Myrtle Beach’s BB&T Coastal Field, the lighting was awful on the mound and I don’t particularly like the result. So you’re not going to see it here.

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Great photo!


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