When Andruw was on top of the world

Andruw and Albert 8470 500px.jpg

In honor of pitchers and catchers reporting today, I’m posting a couple of my favorite Spring Training photos, as I contemplate finally getting back on the field in a few weeks to shoot and post some new photos . . .
In this photo from March 16, 2007, Andruw Jones was on top of the world, holding court by the batting cage with the likes of Albert Pujols, right. Andruw was a star at his peak. I was delighted to be able to see him displaying such joy in his face.
At the end of the year he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and in 2008 he hit exactly 3 homers and batted under the Mendoza line. Unbelievable.
This month he’ll report to camp with the Texas Rangers on a minor league contract and try to start all over. 
So here’s to Andruw: may you rebound and have a great year.



yea i remeber in 07 hitting 40 home runs 140 rbi…but know he sucks


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