Kelly Johnson signed to one-year deal

Johnson, Kelly 6080 500px.jpg

Today’s news out of the Braves camp is that Kelly Johnson has been signed to a one-year deal.
I was going to post a photo of Kelly bunting that I took when he was in Double A, and tell the story about how much he disliked that photo – and then told me all about it — but why push my luck? Heck, Kelly might actually read this someday. (Hey, Kelly, I never took another photo of you bunting again! I swear!)
Anyway, I’m posting the top photo of Kelly because it’s my favorite one, taken March 19, 2007, at Spring Training. And I’m posting the bottom photo, taken March 16, same place, because I know he’d rather have a photo of him hitting the long ball . . . Way to smack it, there, Kelly . . .

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