I take this picture every year, and here’s why

Clemson, Scenes 1982 500px.jpg

I’ve shot this photo before, and God willing I’ll shoot it again.
A fellow photojournalist recently sat in on the judging of a national photo contest and declared that most of the entries were cliche images that all the judges had seen over and over. Well, phooey. Add this to that group. Guilty as charged.
It’s opening day of the Clemson baseball season, and it’s my own Spring Training. I haven’t shot baseball since Sept. 1, and to say I’m rusty is an understatement. Anything you do requires practice, and I try to shoot Clemson’s opener every year — and I always shoot this image.
Clemson head coach Jack Leggett has a tradition where he runs into a pile of his players right after going over the ground rules with the umpires before every game. The players get wound up as Leggett plows into the scrum. They jump on the pile and slap each other around. It happens every year and every game.
But to me, taking this photo is like the starting gun for the new baseball season. This cliche epitomizes the sheer joy of playing baseball. Click, snap, baseball 2009 is finally here.

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To heck with them! It’s a great photo!


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