Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking

Rohrbough_Cole 2396 bunt 500px.jpg

I’m still not exactly sure why I took this picture today. Sometimes I get over anxious on the first day of Spring Training and take a lot of bad safety shots — just in case I never see someone again. Surely I never thought this was the only chance I’d get at pitching prospect Cole Rohrbough. 
Still, I’ve been wanting to photograph Cole since he got drafted, but have never run into him anywhere in my travels. I’ve had requests for his photo from some of my contacts, but I couldn’t produce.
So when I saw him for the first time and he was taking bunting practice (bunting practice of all things!) maybe I was crazy and maybe I just thought it was a funny thing to shoot.
Minor league pitchers in the Braves organization rarely have to hit — but if they expect to make it to the majors they have to learn somewhere. So today the pitchers took bunting practice . . .

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