Another shot of a pitcher with a bat, duh

Lowe_Derek 3069 500px.jpg

After yesterday’s episode shooting Cole Rohrbough bunting I thought I wouldn’t be shooting a pitcher holding a bat again any time soon. Wrong. First time I got a chance to see new Brave Derek Lowe was this morning in the batting cages.
So I did the same thing as yesterday — I got a safety shot.
Turns out I was able to photograph Derek just a little while later doing a little throwing, but they aren’t photos I’ll likely post. I hope to be able to try again for something better while I’m here at Spring Training.
(Hey, in my own defense I was the only freelancer with a photo of Mike Hampton at bat the year he won the Silver Slugger, and Baseball America used that shot in color. So shooting pitchers with bats isn’t so dumb.)
Meanwhile . . . I did manage to get better shots of pitching prospect Rohrbough this afternoon. 
Lowe getting instruction from Jimy Williams in the cages is show here at the top, and Rohrbough throwing batting practice is below.
Rohrbough_Cole 3071 500px.jpg

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That’s for the picture of Derek Lowe! I miss him in Boston.


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