Young guys bail out Derek Lowe in the eighth

Lowe_Derek 0796 500px.jpg

Veteran pitchere Derek Lowe, above, pitched five innings today and gave up two runs to the Houston Astros, but it was the young Braves who bailed him out late in the game.
Brandon Jones, below, watches his two-run double in the bottom of the eighth inning. He knocked in Jason Heyward and Jordan Schafer to tie the game, and later scored the winning run.
Jones_Brandon double 500px_1873.jpg
Heyward and Schafer high-five each other after each scored in the eighth, below.
Heyward and Schafer score_1884 500px.jpg


GO DEREK! I just drafted him today!


Beautiful pictures throughout your entire blog. Thanks for posting them. I can’t get anything good on my dinky little camera :).

Thanks so much for the kind comments, Elizabeth. During the regular season I often shoot at the Greenville Drive’s games, so I’ll be posting future Red Sox player photos throughout the year. Stay tuned.

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