Oh, my gosh, there are those green caps again


Every Major League team acknowledges St. Patrick’s Day each year, usually by wearing green caps. The Braves do it every year. Jason Heyward, above, adjusts his cap before today’s game against the Mets.
The Mets wore green caps, too, but with blue and orange accents. Oh, my gosh they were ugly. Too ugly to show here. Trust me.
No photographer really likes the green caps, because they turn the photos into oddities.
Below, Jeff Francoeur models the latest green fashion . . .


At least the Braves are only wearing green caps. A couple springs ago, we were at the Phillies St. Patty’s game – they wore green jerseys AND green caps! Although their batting helmets were still red, making them look a bit like Christmas elves at the plate!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

The Red Sox were the home team today – so they had white uniforms with green lettering and shamrocks! Loved them!


The Reds did the Green Cap with Red tops this year and played the Phillies who went green on green…it was like X-Mas! Yes, a photographic nightmare :O)


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