Casey Kotchman wasn’t happy about this

Kotchman_Casey 9103 500px.jpg

Can you tell that Casey Kotchman was unhappy with himself? I can’t recall if it was a ground out or a fly out, but I was glad my shot was in focus . . .
This was during last week’s Mets game, and I was shooting from the TV box along first base, just past the dugout. It wasn’t a TV game, so the box was empty, and someone had conveniently left a chair there. My Rule 6 of Baseball Photography: Sit down when you can.


It looks he is hitting himself in the head.


Mr. Priddy-First time I’ve seen your blog but I must say I love your eye for the game. Timing is everything and you have it down to a true art form…As an aspiring sports photographer myself which Nikon do you use and what is your favorite lens? Thanks…D

OMG – that is the coolest photo! Hey, have you ever gotten hit with a ball because you were taking a photo at the time? Last year, I was photographing a Greg Dobbs at-bat and he whacked the pitch foul – right at my head! Luckily, it breeze by my right ear, but it was so close, my hair flew up. I looked at the camera and you could actually see in the last shot I took that the ball was headed straight for me. Scary!


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