Photos from the M-Braves ring ceremony

MBraves, Rings, 09 1241 500px.jpg

       The 2008 Southern League champs, the Mississippi Braves
I was just able to squeeze in the ring ceremony for the Mississippi Braves, the 2008 Southern League champs, before I had to get in the rental car and head to the airport.
I wanted to be there, so I arranged the flights so I could take these photos. I’ve photographed these guys many times before, and this was my second Spring Training ring ceremony.
In the first one, several springs ago, I photographed Jeff Francoeur as he received his Rome championship ring. This time, I got Kris Medlen, below.
MBraves, Rings, 09 1191 500px.jpg
       Kris Medlen shows off his ring

MBraves, Rings, 09 1003 500px.jpg
       General manager Steve DeSalvo sorts the rings


Nice shots! It’s great seeing so many happy people.


He looks like he’s gonna punch someone with that ring! Ha, Ha! Very cute :O)


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