Nine top Braves prospects land in Myrtle Beach

Kimbrel, Craig 1773(Priddy) 500px.jpg

Nine of the top Braves prospects, including pitcher Craig Kimbrel, above, will start the season in Class A Myrtle Beach.
According to the Pelicans, Myrtle Beach’s roster claims nine players named in Baseball America’s Top 30 Braves prospects.  They include Jason Heyward (2), Freddie Freeman (5) and Cole Rohrbough (6), LHP Jeff Locke (7), Kimbrel (10), OF Cody Johnson (12), LHP Edgar Osuna (17), C Matt Kennelly (20) and LHP Chad Rodgers (25).
The Pelicans’ Web site reports that the opening day roster also includes RHP Michael Mehlich, LHP Jose Ortegano, LHP Thomas Palica, C Benji Johnson, INF Michael Fisher, INF Donnell Linares, INF Cole Miles, INF Steven Shults, RHP Michael Broadway, RHP Cory Gearrin, LHP Lee Hyde, LHP Carlos Rivas, RHP Chris Vines, LHP Tyler Wilson, INF Randy Gress, INF Chad Lundahl and INF Robert Marcial and OF Quentin Davis.

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