Following up on a Spring Training visit

Himpsl_Derick 7330 500px.jpg

I sat down on a park bench one day during my Spring Training trip, just killing time waiting for an afternoon camp session to begin, and happened to bump into Al Himpsl.
Al was in town visiting his son, left-handed pitching prospect Derick Himpsl, who is trying to make a comeback with the Braves.
Derick Himpsl was drafted by the Braves, and pitched briefly in the low minors. But the lefty tired of the Florida heat, his dad said, and he left the organization at the end of the year and went back home to upstate New York.
One rainy, cold, miserable day, father and son had a talk, and Derick decided that maybe he was a bit hasty in leaving baseball. So after a year out of baseball he was reinstated by the Braves and is giving it another shot.
He’s tall, he throws very hard for a lefty, and the Braves think he’s worth another chance. Looks like he’s penciled in to pitch for the rookie Danville Braves again this season.
His dad also mentioned that Derick didn’t like last year’s baseball card — which I did not shoot, by the way — because his game face is, well, intense.
I photographed him a little throwing batting practice, and I told his dad when I saw him later, that Derrick won’t like these, either. He has his game face on again.
But I made sure I got the photo below, just for him and his dad . . .
Himpsl_Derick 4153 500px.jpg

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He and his dad will like the bottom one!


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