Whatever happened to all the stirrup socks?

Pelicans_Scenes 2455 500px.jpg

Stirrup socks may be a dying trend in the majors, but in the minors it “ain’t dead yet,” according to a story in the Wall Street Journal.
Says the Journal article: “From T-ball to college ball, heritage-minded coaches still want them. In the minors, where there’s less pay and more discipline, some teams like the [Myrtle Beach] Pelicans and the [Wilmington] Blue Rocks have lately been instructing players to show white, too.”
The WSJ reporter must have attended one of the same games I did at the start of the season. One look at the above photo, taken April 9, and you see the Pelicans players all wear the stirrup socks.
In the photo below, however, from a Greenville Drive-Hickory Crawdads game April 13, almost no stirrups are visible.
I wish the WSJ had asked me for a photo to illustrate the article . . .

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I love the stirrup socks! It just looks like baseball!


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