Pat Venditte, the game’s only switch-pitcher

MiLB Venditte gallery 500px.jpg

I spent quite a bit of time recently doing some on-field stalking of pro baseball’s only switch-pitcher, Pat Venditte of the Charleston RiverDogs, the guy who pitches with both hands.
I rarely bother players and never ask anyone to pose, and this was no exception. But I thought it best to introduce myself and explain why I was hanging around him for a couple of days, taking scores of photos.
I had a specific assignment from a card company, and wanted to take every opportunity to get just the right shots. And Pat was very gracious and understanding as I focused on him during his daily warmups.
His routine is pretty simple — he throws right-handed during the stretching and batting practice, and then a half-hour before game time he throws first right-handed again, then left-handed. He’s the closer for Charleston, so that keeps him ready.
Much has been written about Venditte being the only ambidextrous professional ballplayer, and how he comes into a game with the potential of throwing with either hand, depending on who’s at bat. As I write this he leads the league in saves and has been named to the All-Star team.
I like what did with my photos — and I can’t do it any better — so I’m just reproducing that gallery page right here.
Here’s a few good stories about him:

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I have never heard of such a thing! I’ll have to keep an eye out for him.


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