Aw, come on blue, I was safe . . . awwwww

Drive Action 1350b 500px.jpg

       June 19, 2009: Anthony Rizzo (25) of the Greenville Drive appeals 
       unsuccessfully to umpire Jacob Danielson after sliding past third trying 
       to stretch a double into a triple and being tagged out by Lexington 
       Legends third baseman Ebert Rosario (13) at Fluor Field at the West End 
       in Greenville, S.C. Photo by: Tom Priddy/Four Seam Images
Ironically, I got a couple of action shots Saturday night while I was waiting for the Greenville Drive to wrap up their division title and start celebrating. I wasn’t really looking for them; they just fell into my lap. Sometimes it just happens.
I arrived at the park about 9:25 p.m., choosing to skip most of the game and just try for some reaction when they clinched the Southern Division of the South Atlantic League first-half title — which they eventually did.
But while I was waiting, Anthony Rizzo hit a huge shot into the outfield and cruised past second, heading for a triple. He made it, but slid past the base and was tagged out while reaching back. 
I got a few shots of the action, but decided this two-panel combo told the story best — the appeal and the dejection.
Sadly, it’ll be the last time I photograph Rizzo this year, as he will be called up to Salem later this week.


You can feel his pain! Great shots!


Oh wow, those are excellent pictures!! I love it 🙂

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