I always wind up with those goofy photos

Danville_Scenes 6125.jpg

       July 15, 2009: L.V. Ware (7) of the Danville Braves pretends to help Braves 
       mascot Blooper stretch before a game against the Elizabethton Twins 
       at Dan Daniel Memorial Park in Danville, Va. Photo by:  Tom Priddy/
       Four Seam Images
Oh, you know, no matter where I go, I always wind up with a goofy photo or two . . . .
I mean, what else are you gonna do while the teams are just standing around waiting for the game to start?


Even cartoon birds know the importance of stretching! lol!


Great picture of the Parrot there, although I am not sure which team. I have a blog called Cal’s Corner, and I would like you to check it out 🙂

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