A trip back down memory lane at ‘the Fitz’

Davis_Adam 6972 (Priddy) 500px.jpg

       July 17, 2009: Infielder Adam Davis (11) of the Kinston Indians, Carolina 
       League affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, in a game against the Potomac 
       Nationals at G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, Va. Photo by: 
       Tom Priddy/Four Seam Images
I had a chance to go back to my former “home park” in Northern Virginia late last week to shoot a couple of games.
G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, Va., is a good place for photography, if for no other reason than it has a solid blue wall all around the main stands, eliminating any distracting backgrounds for batting photos. 
I also like to have a lot of metal in front of me when I’m shooting game action, and I have a couple of favorite places to stand where I feel safe from foul balls. It was the closest Minor League park to my home for about eight years of shooting.
And although it holds a lot of good memories for me, I have to say those are just about the only things I like about the stadium. 
I can look at the field and remember exactly where I was when I shot my favorite photo of Albert Pujols in workout shorts when he was an unknown Class A third baseman. I remember the smile on Rick Ankiel’s face as he sat in the dugout before delivering his first pitch in Class A. I’ve photographed Coco Crisp and Brian McCann and Adam Kennedy and Zach Duke and Edwin Encarnacion and lots of others there. I’ve seen a winning playoff game and a stolen base record there. Lots of good memories.
But the stadium itself is, um . . . substandard. I don’t know where they stand on building a new park, but I know they were talking about it for years and years. 
I hope that one of these years when I make my annual trip back to “the Fitz” it will be to a new facility. I keep hoping for that.

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