Digging deep to find Jayson Werth’s negatives

Werth_Jayson_Keys99_1001 575px.jpg

Jayson Werth has been a key player for the Phillies during this year’s playoff run, so I thought it would be fun to look back at the photos I took of him when he was playing Class A ball. 
I just didn’t realize the search would be so time consuming.

Werth_Jayson_Keys99_1002  125px.jpg

I found nothing in my backup archives, and nothing on the old backup DVDs. Of course, it was shot on film back in 1999, but I had expected to find at least a couple of scans in my digital files. No such luck. 
I keep backup copies of all the rosters and lineup cards for every game I shoot, so I easily found the April 1999 Frederick Keys roster, when Werth was a catcher. But the negatives were filed in another location because they had become so bulky.
The negatives were filed in plastic sleeves with the player’s number written with a china marker. There was Werth, No. 37, on a couple of strips. I finally remembered how to use the film scanner, and here are the results. 

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