Opening week of the season brings two extremes

G-Drive Media Day 0035 575px.jpg

Media director Eric Jarinko of the Greenville Drive, Class A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, sets up for a team photo on Media Day, April 7, 2010, at Fluor Field at the West End in Greenville, S.C. Photo by: Tom Priddy
So far I’ve had two days of Minor League Baseball this season and they could not have been more different.
Wednesday: It was a beautiful day (if you don’t count the pollen). It was baseball again, finally, even if it was just a day for media and season ticket holders. And . . . well, isn’t a beautiful day and baseball enough?
I shot my favorite photo of the day (above) five minutes into a four-hour shoot at Media Day for the Greenville Drive. 
Thursday: The skies opened up and drenched everything in sight, and the only people happy about that were the allergy sufferers who watched the yellow plague wash away down into the gutters.
Am I complaining, though? Nah. Things turned out. I got what I needed. I was rusty but back in the groove.

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