Almost lost this image from the All-Star game

Velazquez, Miguel 2228A 575px.jpg

Jonathan Villar (3), right, wipes the sweat from the face of north teammate Miguel Velazquez (50) during the home run derby at the 2010 South Atlantic League All-Star Game on Tuesday, June 22, 2010, at Fluor Field at the West End in Greenville, S.C. Velazquez made it to the finals, but lost to Chris Dominguez. Photo by: Tom Priddy/
If digital photography hadn’t come along when it did our house would be filled with photographic prints. Well, okay, it’s still sort of crammed with prints, but you get my drift.
It could be worse.
As I write this my wife is sitting next to me, culling boxes of old prints from 10, 20 and 30 years ago. “We don’t really need three copies of each of the kids’ school pictures, do we?” she asked. My mind was saying “Heck, yeah we do” while my voice found a way to say, “Um, well I guess not, not really.”
She claims she’s actually going to throw away one of those piles next to her. I can’t tell which one. I probably don’t want to know. They all look the same.
Just last month I came across a treasure in a box of old photos from my mother. It was the third in a series of photo-booth photos of my dad and me a long time ago on one of our Saturday morning outings. 
I had found two of them years ago, but this one was a complete surprise to me. My dad loved those old black-and-white photo booths, and took photos of us from time to time. Time relegated them to oblivion. Now I have three photo-booth shots of my dad and me, identical poses, just a few years apart. 
With film, of course, you had to actually make a print to see what it looked like. Today I can take a photo with my cell phone and everybody in my family can have a copy without any paper trail.
But when you shoot as many digital images as I do these days, it’s far too easy in the crush of deadline to forget about one. And that brings me finally around to this photo. I grabbed it quickly during the 2010 South Atlantic League All-Star Game on Tuesday at Fluor Field in Greenville. I remember thinking at the time that it was a keeper. And that was the last thing I remember about it.
I came across it again a few days later when I was going back over the images from that night, looking to see what I missed in my haste. And there it was, and here it is.
And I don’t even have to agonize about throwing away a print of it in 30 years.

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