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Despite rain, clouds, it’s good to be in Danville

McCallum_Derek 5806 500px.jpg

       July 15, 2009: 2009 draft pick infielder Derek McCallum (7) of the 
       Elizabethton Twins, 4th round draft pick of the Minnesota Twins, prior to 
       a game against the Danville Braves at Dan Daniel Memorial Park in 
       Danville, Va. Photo by:  Tom Priddy/Four Seam Images

It’s an unusual night game indeed when the light starts out bad and actually gets better as the game progresses. Such was the case last night in Danville, Va.

I can’t count the number of games I’ve shot this year that began in the rain at 3200, or what I like to call f-dark-30. My colleagues around the country say the same thing — the weather this year has not been cooperating. 

Rain, fog, heavy cloud cover — these things don’t contribute to good baseball photography. Every shooter likes a little cloud cover cutting down on the bright, glaring sunshine, but this is ridiculous.

Fortunately, as is my usual procedure, I got to the park yesterday way ahead of the rain. I come to Danville every year to catch the young players in the Braves’ rookie affiliate in the Appalachian League, and I always enjoy seeing manager Paul Runge and GM David Cross. 

Paul and his coaches, Derrick Lewis and Carlos Mendez, already had the team in the middle of drills when I got there about 3.

The shooting was pretty good during batting practice, and I was able to get some of the top 2009 draft picks on my list, including infielder Mycal Jones of the Braves, and later in the afternoon Derek McCallum of the Twins, (shown here), both fourth-round picks.

So, in case you think I’m complaining about the weather, I’m not. It doesn’t do any good, anyway. Besides, if you get there early enough it all averages out.