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A look at new Braves outfielder Ryan Church

Church_Ryan 8731 500px.jpg

       17 March 2009: Outfielder Ryan Church of the New York Mets in a game 
       against the Atlanta Braves at the Braves’ Spring Training camp at Disney’s 
       Wide World of Sports in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Photo by: Tom Priddy/
       Four Seam Images
Braves announcer Joe Simpson tonight called the trade of Jeff Francoeur “a punch in the gut.” Add to that what my wife said: “Sometimes I hate this game.” That about sums it up for me, too.
In addition to my years of photographing Francoeur, I’ve photographed new Brave Ryan Church several times in the majors, too, including at Washington and here at Spring Training this year.

Oh, my gosh — Braves trade Francoeur

Francoeur, Jeff 776_cover.jpg

I just found out that the Atlanta Braves have traded outfielder Jeff Francoeur, one of the team’s most popular players, to the New York Mets for Ryan Church.
Maybe I’ll have something else to say later . . . but, you know, I just can’t formulate anything right now . . .
This 2005 photo when he was with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans is the oldest one I could find on my current computer. I’d have to dig out some backup drives for anything older. I’ve photographed Jeff for many years, all the way back to Class A ball. The gallery of some of my favorite photos is listed below.

A new goal but an old standby, too

Marte, Jefry 7057 500 px.jpg

Every season I have a plan, a new goal, a new target. This year I’ve studied what sells, what sells often and what doesn’t sell much at all. Seems pretty simple, but this year I’m taking it more seriously.
My 2009 goal is to keep studying, and shoot as much of what sells as I can. But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep shooting what I like the most, even if it’s only popular with me.
This season, with this blog and Twitter (tpriddy) I have a captive audience for the photos I like, so taking my favorite photos so far this year has been a lot more fun. (Thanks to all for the comments.)
Photos are meant to be shared, and so I share this shot with you. This is the kind of candid stuff that I really enjoy the most. One year I got a Baseball America cover from a very similar shot, taken at almost the same spot in the same park.
So although I’m shooting more of the popular stuff — I haven’t given up hope for another one of these portraits on the cover . . .
Jefry Marte — only one “f” please — of the Savannah Sand Gnats is the No. 6 prospect of the New York Mets.
I caught the light just right to get this shot just before the start of the game.
April 30, 2009: Infielder Jefry Marte (12) of the Savannah Sand Gnats, and No. 6 prospect of the New York Mets, prior to a game at Fluor Field at the West End in Greenville, S.C. Photo by: Tom Priddy/ Seam Images

Wilmer Flores is the Mets’ No. 2 prospect

Flores, Wilmer 6340(Priddy).jpg

Infielder Wilmer Flores, 17, is the New York Mets’ No. 2 prospect. He is in Greenville this week to play a series against the Drive.
He’ll probably be in the majors in 2012, If you come out this week, maybe your memory will be good enough to remember seeing him here.
He’s so young he still has braces.
April 28, 2009: Infielder Wilmer Flores (4) of the Savannah Sand Gnats prior to a game against the Greenville Drive at Fluor Field at the West End in Greenville, S.C. Flores is the No. 2 prospect of the New York Mets. Photo by: Tom Priddy/